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I haven't made a top 10 list since kindergarten.

I'm flattered to be mentioned with these 4 great LA places.

A really nice, comprehensive article on the Daily Dish.

Here's a blog that gives another great look at the garage.

Here's a great article in the Glendale News Press that
really captures the vibe of my garage espresso bar.

A nice mention in Time Out LA.

A few photos from Pynchon in Public Day 2013!

A nice article by Julie Wolfson in Sprudge about LA's great
coffee-focused chef, Gary Menes of Le Comptoir. We're
very proud to be one of Gary's favorite roasters.

Pynchon in Public Day  2012!

The Trystero featured in an LA Times article on home roasting.

Pynchon in Public Day 2011!

Random testimonials:

"Four pounds of Trystero beans on the back of a bicycle makes the whole damn city smell good!" - Old Man Hadley

"There are times when you just giggle with delight when you taste something this good..." - Gary Menes, cuisinier

"We have a KILLER Ethiopia this month brewed by none other than local legend @TrysteroCoffee.
Very sweet with lots of stone fruit in it." - @CafeDemitasse

"BTW, The Maas blend is effing METAL! #imeanthatinagoodway" - @microe

"Just wanted to let you know that the last Rwandan went to another VERY SATISFIED @CafeDemitasse customer this morning :)" - @sjpchef

"Back to back shots of @TrysteroCoffee's Lot 49, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and Guatemala Huehuetenango.
All distinctly different and delicious." - @Presso

"No cavities! @TrysteroCoffee is good for you." - @taryinstereo

"my dad LOVED the coffee. LOVED. and he's a difficult one." - Andrew G

"Fast shipping, cute roasters, casual cyclists, AMAZING COFFEE. I love Trystero!!!" - Graham

"A satchel of Ethiopian arrived yesterday to the flat in London, did my first fresh grind
today and the cup is incredible." - Matt

"The coffee was awesome! As I was driving to work this morning, I was bumming that
I didn't make a second cup to take with me..." - Nick R.

"If I dress all in black with a stocking covering my face, will you give me a job
as a delivery girl? I promise not to assassinate your customers." - H

"I had no idea my mailbox could smell so awesome! Thanks!!!" - Mims

"I'm soaking in it!" - Old Man Hadley

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