muted post horn trystero coffee

To order email me at with your
bean choice, and I'll arrange payment and shipping with you.

I roast on Tuesdays for Wednesday pickups and deliveries,
and Thursdays for USPS shipping and Friday deliveries,
check my schedule here, please place your orders
before Monday or Wednesday nights at 10pm.

Free delivery in Silver Lake/Echo Park/Los Feliz/East Hollywood/NELA on
Wednesdays, and Atwater/Frogtown/Burbank/Glendale on Fridays.  

Email me for Priority Mail options (e.g. $7 for up to 3 bags in SoCal).

I usually have a couple of small, special offerings every month or two,
email me if you'd like to be notified, they won't be listed on the site.

Please add $1.00 for per order when paying via Paypal, thank you. If you use Venmo
there is no service charge. Use my email for Paypal, or TrysteroCoffee for Venmo.

My offerings (350gm bags) as of 2/2/2017 (in order from most stock to least):

The Lot 49 and the Konga are working best for espresso!

Guatemala Finca Santa Felisa Red Typica Honey, $10 per bag:  washed process, Typica, 1400
to 1600 meters; chocolate, hazelnut. (Also available in the slightly darker ++ roast).

Ethiopia Shakiso Kayon Mountain Farm, $16 per bag:
  washed process, heirloom varietals; honey, lemon, jasmine.

Ethiopia Natural Yirg Buufata Konga, $16 per bag:  dry process, heirloom
varietals, 1900 - 2100 meters; mixed berries, caramel, chocolate.

Colombia San Antonio - Jumiliano, $15 per bag:  washed process,
Caturra/Typica/Variedad Colombia; honey, almond, vanilla, lemon.

Lot 49, $16 per bag (396 grams):  Guatemala/Rwanda/Sulawesi,
dark chocolate, cherry, some fig/honey, very sweet.

Colombia Excelso SWP Decaf, $16 per bag (396 grams):  washed
process, Caturra/Variedad Colombia; caramel, milk chocolate.

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